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Imperial County Announces Amended Health Order


In a press conference held July 1, Imperial County Health Officer Dr. Stephen Munday introduced an amended health order in response to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s call to combat COVID-19 in Imperial Valley.

The amended order includes:

– Stay at home order remains in place.

– No non-essential gatherings of any size.

– No more than one person going to a store, pick-up site, etc.

– Face-coverings required everywhere.

– Churches: No indoor services, outdoor services limited to less than 100 people with physical distancing required.

– Non-Essential business limited to curbside pick-up and delivery only. People must stay in their vehicles.

– Essential businesses encouraged to implement telecommuting or other measures to minimize the number of employees at any one-time.

– Increased communication and public information.

-County Parks will be closed

“This is an attempt to reduce gathering of people that mix during an activity,” Munday said.

It was announced by Gran Plaza Outlets that by order of the health department, they will be closing their doors once again starting July 2nd. Over the past two weeks, the county has recorded 1,853 new cases. During that time, it has reported 41 deaths. Nursing homes have been a focal point during this crisis with four facilities reporting an outbreak.

Munday said that they decided to take these measures because they know their community.

“The Governor said that he would assert himself, and if we didn’t come to a consensus, he would assert it but we decided to take these measures because we are from here and know how our community works,” Munday said.

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