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IID invites participation in Time-of-Use rate informational workshops


In February, the Imperial Irrigation District scheduled two public informational workshops to introduce potential Time-of-Use rates for its energy customers.

A TOU structure could establish electricity rates according to time of day, season, and date, encouraging consumers to move their peak energy usage to a timeframe when more energy is available and is less expensive, providing cost savings options to customers.

“We are currently investigating the benefits of TOU rates, which may help our energy customers save as well as cut costs for the utility,” said Henry Martinez, IID general manager. “Currently, the topic is in the discussion stage, so we encourage customers to participate to learn more through these workshops.”

The February 1 and February 15 Time-Of-Use workshops were conducted at the conclusion of the meetings of the IID Board of Directors. These two workshops were held in the Condit Auditorium in El Centro. The first TOU workshop was conducted on January 11 in La Quinta.

Due to the recent spike in COVID-19 cases, the public is strongly encouraged to watch, listen and participate in the live audio or video stream of the workshops by visiting www.iid.com/livestream .

As energy supplies have been tighter across California, a TOU program can be designed with the intent to lessen stress on the local and state electric grid and provide cost savings options to customers. Currently, investor-owned providers in the state are required to have TOU programs in place; IID is a not-for-profit utility but other public utilities similar to IID have had TOU structures implemented for years.

For more information, please visit www.iid.com/TimeOfUse.

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