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IID introduces no-cost online residential energy audits


Imperial Irrigation District is now offering online, do-it-yourself energy audits for all of its residential customers free of charge.

Through a new online tool – MyEnergyXpert – customers can identify energy-saving opportunities tailored to their own home with the simplicity and convenience of 24/7 access.

“IID is excited to help our customers easily identify energy-saving opportunities and links to energy efficiency rebates,” said Henry Martinez, general manager. “One of the greatest benefits is how easy this new tool is to use and how helpful it is in generating energy-saving solutions.”

Energy audits can be the first step in empowering homeowners to take action, helping lower their energy costs. The MyEnergyXpert platform simplifies the process and makes connecting to rebates quick and seamless.

Across North America, of the 500,000 homeowners who have used the online audit tool, over 93 percent were connected to rebates immediately. This makes taking action easier and leads to energy bills that are up to 25 percent lower.

It’s simple, convenient and available at no cost. To get started today, visit https://iid.myenergyxpert.com.

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