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IID employees rally to support communities

Employees at local businesses and organizations choose to give their hard earned money to create thriving communities.

IID is one of those agencies whose employees have a long tradition of supporting the community by giving to the local United Way.

Employees came out in droves during a special appreciation day this year to take part in IID’s 2018 United Way Pledge Drive, collectively making close to $80,000 in pledges. Contributions amounted to $12,462 to the United Way of the Desert, which serves the Coachella Valley, and $66,854 to the United Way of Imperial County.

Through the district’s internal campaign to support the United Way, employees make financial contributions through payroll deduction or annual one-time donations.

As a group, IID employees have continually been the single largest annual donor to the United Way of the Imperial Valley while the district’s employees in the La Quinta Division regularly lead in per capita giving to the United Way of the Desert.

The support provides critical resources for the charities, which work to improve lives and support thriving communities across Imperial and Riverside counties.

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