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IID Creates Legislative Committee


The Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors approved the creation of a legislative committee that will help them be on top of initiatives that are important for them. 

The item was brought to the agenda as a request of JB Hamby and General Manager Henry Martinez who considered having this committee would help them analyze future legislation that involves energy matters. 

For 2022, the board has requested to consider the creation of a legislative committee consisting of two board members to confer regarding legislative matters with staff and lobbyists, meet with state and federal representatives, and provide the board recommendations and information on legislative matters. 

The potential legislative topic of interest in 2022 includes ongoing federal-level Colorado River drought matters, implementation of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, preparations for the Water Resources Development Act in 2022 and Farm Bill in 2023, geothermal and lithium legislation, as well as state and federal grant opportunities and internal efforts to obtain them. The board may consider whether more formal direct engagement through the committee may bolster success in achieving IID’s legislative goals in 2022. 

Director Alex Cardenas said he didn’t have a problem with the committee but wanted to know if there was going to be a report on the activity of this committee. 

“I think this committee will be good but the information is incomplete as we don’t know how the work of this committee will be reported,” Cardenas said. 

General Manager Henry Martinez said that they could put an item on the agenda so there could be a scheduled report at the meetings. 

Board President James Hanks liked the General Manager’s comments. Director Cardenas asked Hanks to be on this committee but Hanks nominated Cardenas and JB Hamby.

Director Javier Gonzalez agreed. 

“Maybe this way they both can finally get along,” Gonzalez said. 

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