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IID Board commemorates district’s 110 years of public service


The Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors, during its meeting of July 6, unanimously passed a resolution recognizing the district’s long, 110-year history as a public service provider.

Formed by a vote of the people on July 25, 1911, IID is a public entity governed by, and for, the people it serves. Today, IID is the largest irrigation district in the nation and the third-largest public power provider in California.

In passing the resolution, the IID Board salutes the determination of the Valley’s early pioneers who willingly braved the region’s harsh conditions for an opportunity to sustain life in the desert.

“As IID marks our 110th year of public service, we continue to stand proud of our rich history while looking to the future and the continued delivery of essential water and electric service to all our customers,” said James Hanks, president of the IID Board of Directors. “On behalf of the Board, I also extend our appreciation to all the district employees for their professionalism and dedication to this amazing organization.”

Today, IID delivers water to nearly 500,000 acres of highly productive farmland in the Imperial Valley to produce food and fiber, making it one of the most productive agricultural areas in the nation.

IID also provides electric service to more than 155,000 electric accounts, representing hundreds of thousands of people in the Imperial and Coachella Valleys who depend on reliable electrical service.

At its core, IID is a public agency and a force for good. Its management team works to chart an innovative and prudent course for the future and its board strives to advance the needs of the public, working to keep IID’s energy rates among the lowest in California while protecting the district’s water rights, which are the largest and most secure on the Colorado River system.

IID is a public agency with an unbroken 110-year record of public service that remains committed to navigating the best actions forward to keep the lights on and the water flowing while meeting the needs of growth, development, sustainability and overall prosperity of the region

The district will reach this special 110-year milestone on July 25, 2021.

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