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House Votes to Limit Trump in Iran Conflict


Its been weeks since the House of Representatives voted to impeach President Donald Trump and the Iran conflict has added more issues in Washington.

While impeachment proceedings are pending, congress voted in favor of a war resolution that would limit the President’s war authority. Democrats are invoking the War Powers Resolution.

The resolution passed, 224-194. Eight Democrats voted against the measure and three Republicans voted in favor of it. Independent Justin Amash voted in favor.

“This action endangered our service members, diplomats, and others by risking a serious escalation of tensions with Iran.  Since then, the President has made clear that he does not have a coherent strategy to keep the American people safe, achieve de-escalation with Iran and ensure stability in the region,” Pelosi said.

Under the Constitution, the President acts as commander-in-chief of the US Army and Navy, but Congress has the power to declare war.

The War Powers Resolution stipulates parameters of presidential and congressional war powers, including imposing procedural requirements to ensure that presidents keep Congress apprised of military decisions as well as provisions that provide Congress with a mechanism to suspend military operations initiated by the President in certain circumstances.

“The House may also soon consider additional legislation on the Floor to keep America safe.  This legislation includes Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s resolution to repeal the 2002 Iraq Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) and Congressman Ro Khanna’s legislation to prohibit funding for military action against Iran not authorized by Congress.

“The Administration must work with Congress to advance an immediate, effective de-escalation strategy that prevents further violence.  America and the world cannot afford war.” Pelosi stated.

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