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Historical Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton, First Visit to El Centro

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Last Thursday morning June 2nd, hundreds of people were lined up for hours at the Barcelona Event Center in El Centro, California,  to see the presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, in a historical event since she is the first presidential candidate to visit the Imperial Valley since Jimmy Carter came, trying to win over the Imperial Valley voters.

Congressman Juan Vargas and his daughter welcomed the presidential candidate with an opening speech in which he mentioned he studied to be a priest for 5 years and how he loved Matthew 25:36, that says: “When I needed clothes you clothed me, when I was sick you looked after me, when I was in prison you came to visit me.” which reminds him of the reason why he is supporting Hillary, since Hillary is “the Matthew 25 kind of person” who is worried about protecting the marginalized.

In her ever first time in El Centro, her opening sentence was: “I wanted to come here for several reasons. One, I wanted to come here to El Centro, a community of hard working people, a community that’s based on agriculture, a community that does so much for the rest of our country, a community that’s one of the neighbors to our friends south in Mexico, because I want you to know, I’m running for President to represent every single person here, I think we are stronger than ever…

…I believe America is great! And we got work to do, and can get even greater! But I know we are a nation of immigrants, from New York to California”, she was saying this while the crowd started shouting “Si se puede!”(it can be done) while Hillary followed along  shouting the Spanish phrase.

Former US First Lady and Secretary of State said: “I can’t do any of this for you. I can’t work for you, fight for you, stick up for you, stand up for you, unless you support me in this election here in California” said Democratic Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

Clinton spoke about the time when she was eleven years old living in the suburbs of Chicago and how she volunteered with a group of friends at her church to take care of Immigrants’ children whose parents had to work in the farmland, and how she was touched by the love those hard working people showed their children when they arrived home after working long hours, tired and exhausted, how she saw that even though they might’ve had a hard day, they were happy to get home and be able to support their families.

So she stated that for much of her life she has thought about the hard work of people have done harvesting the crops that not only feed us but provide so many other products, and that when she talks about immigration and the need to reform it and the need of a path to citizenship, her mind goes back to that day all those years ago seeing all those little children run for their parents after work, so she said she’ll do everything that she can possibly can to make sure the government gets it right this time, and there’s the comprehensive reform provided that immigrants deserve to have.

She also spoke about the importance of small businesses, and equal pay for women.

Clinton also spoke about Republican nominee Donald Trump and how she is excited to debate him in the upcoming months, without mentioning her opponent Bernie Sanders at all.

She seeks to undermine the billionaire businessman’s qualifications by casting him as someone who “doesn’t understand America or the world.”

The former secretary of state and likely Democratic nominee says she is offering a “smart and principled” foreign policy that centers on keeping America in a leading role around the globe.

She contrasts that with Trump’s vision of a “fearful America” that she says would be less secure and less engaged in the world.

Clinton adds, “I want your support so that I can come out of California strong so that when I go toe to toe with Donald Trump…which I’m looking forward to doing.”

She talks about Trump’s vision of a “fearful America” that she says he would be less secure and less engaged in the world.

“We have a lot of work to do but I’m excited about this work. And we have to do everything we can to protect our country to make sure we’re safe and strong and we’re leading the world with our values and we have to unify our country” said Clinton.

Clinton was in San Diego Thursday morning and delivered a speech where she said Donald Trump is “temperamentally unfit” to be president and argues the presumptive Republican nominee is peddling foreign policy proposals that are “dangerously incoherent.”

She currently has an edge over her competitor Sen. Bernie Sanders. Clinton holds 2,312 delegates of the 2,383 delegates needed to clench the Democratic nomination for president. Sanders is behind with only 1,545. California is an essential win for Sanders to have a statistical chance of getting the nomination, the Golden State holds 548 delegates. Clinton is in Southern California ahead of the California Primary Elections on Tuesday, June 7.

Clinton’s next stop Thursday is for a private dinner in Perris, Calif.

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