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Hispanic Publishers Convention Unites Industry Leaders from Across the US


The vibrant city of Phoenix, Arizona, recently played host to an event of great significance in the world of Hispanic media. From October 25th to 27th, the National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP) celebrated its 41st Annual Convention with an extraordinary gathering that transcended borders and connected the country’s influential publishers and media outlets. But this was not just a conventional convention; it was a dynamic convergence of ideas, innovation, and the shared mission of serving the Hispanic readership across the United States.

Drawing together a significant number of media outlets and publishers, the NAHP Convention provided a unique platform for publishers, industry leaders, and governmental dignitaries from the United States and Mexico. The primary aim? To empower NAHP members with invaluable insights into best practices, cutting-edge online strategies, and the cultivation of constructive relationships, all in the service of the Hispanic community.

The Convention was more than a mere gathering; it was an expansive reservoir of knowledge. Attendees had the privilege of participating in educational forums designed to explore best practices, research findings, advertising innovations, online strategies, and business development. It wasn’t just about embracing the present but about equipping professionals with the tools needed to integrate new technologies and leverage the power of social media for the future.

The Convention wasn’t confined to lectures and panels. It fostered an interactive experience for all segments of the professional publishing industry. Here, connections were made, networks were expanded, and positive relationships were forged, all in the collective mission to better serve the Hispanic readership nationwide. Cutting-edge workshops, lectures, and educational content catered to publishing veterans and newcomers alike, making it a holistic learning experience.

The Convention organizers extended invitations to influential figures, including two prominent female candidates in the Mexican presidential race: former Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum and opposition candidate Xóchitl Gálvez. While Xochilt Galvez delivered a compelling speech to the audience via live Zoom broadcast, Claudia Scheinbaum regretfully couldn’t connect due to a recent emergency situation in Acapulco, Mexico.

The Mayor of Phoenix, Kate Gallego, brought the event to a fitting close with a brunch. She emphasized the significance of Hispanic news in the United States and extended a warm invitation to all attendees to revisit Phoenix.

Virginia Esteban, editor at Hoy en Delaware, captured the essence of the Convention’s importance: “These events provide us with a unique opportunity to interact with fellow publishers and exchange ideas on what’s working and what’s not. This allows us to return home equipped with new techniques and strategies. In an era when many newspapers and magazines face challenges, innovation and idea exchange are critical in maintaining an engaged readership.”

NAHP stands as a non-partisan trade advocacy organization representing leading newspapers and magazines published in Spanish, English, and bilingual editions. Their phenomenal growth, with membership expanding by 207% in 2017, reflects their ever-increasing influence. As the Hispanic community in the U.S. continues to expand, research has shown that Hispanic newspapers and magazines are the most effective medium to reach this dynamic and fast-growing audience.

With members spanning the country and a special concentration in areas with large Hispanic populations, Hispanic newspapers and magazines collectively produce a staggering 63 billion pages of information annually. This influence is further amplified by Hispanic purchasing power, which stands at a formidable $1.5 trillion dollars. In an era where the media landscape is constantly evolving, these publications and media platforms offer the most significant value for businesses aiming to connect with the Hispanic market.

In conclusion, the NAHP’s Annual Convention was not merely a gathering; it was a celebration of the vital role that Hispanic publications play in connecting communities and bridging cultures. The event has laid the foundation for a future where these publications continue to grow, evolve, and shape the media landscape for the better. As this dynamic industry unites, exchanges ideas, and embarks on innovative journeys, the Hispanic readership in the United States stands to gain immeasurable benefits.

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