This Thursday, February 3, Fundación Hélice AC celebrates 13 years since its creation, a time in which it has dedicated itself to promoting care for the Environment, through Education and campaigns for the responsible management of Urban Solid Waste, managing to capture in this period, more than 4 thousand tons of waste.

Thanks to the collection of waste and the various alliances, Fundación Hélice has managed to impact more than 50,000 people, through the various training within the Environmental Education offer that is given to schools, companies, government institutions, and programs.  a community for free.

Particularly in the last year, and derived from the Covid-19 pandemic, the Foundation ventured into distance training, managing to reach more than 8,000 people in 15 states of the Republic, on topics such as waste management, organic gardens, ecological footprint, and sustainable food.

As part of the strengthening of Environmental Education, this year it will venture into teaching about organic waste, considering that a large part of the waste generated in homes is organic, material that can be reused for the generation of compost.

It is also important to point out that, in the 13 years of history, campaigns such as “Donate your old book” have been positioned, which allows collecting unused books and giving them a second chance via donation to libraries, rehabilitation centers, schoolchildren, and other groups of civil society that promotes reading. Only last year, 1,500 books were rescued and donated.

With campaigns such as My School Recycles, aimed at schools, students of all educational levels are directly impacted by raising awareness of environmental problems, creating organic gardens, and understanding the concept of “ecological footprint”, among other impact activities is the campaign Give, Donate, Update and Recycle, focused on companies and institutions, to provide a safe and reliable outlet for dead files, managing to allocate large volumes of paper to recycling, thus reducing the environmental impact.

Regarding electrical and electronic equipment, since 2016, Fundación Hélice has been a pioneer in the responsible management of this waste, holding massive events to offer the community, in general, the alternative to properly dispose of equipment, avoiding toxic substances that harm human health.

And in this celebration of more than a decade, Fundación Hélice maintains the completely free service for the community, of 35 Green Centers in different parts of the city, where they can go to deposit paper, aluminum, plastic, and electronics.

The team that works at Fundación Hélice, especially thanks to all the people and various sectors of society that in some way collaborate and support the association, and endorses its social commitment to the inhabitants of Mexicali and Baja California in favor of our environment.  atmosphere.

For more information, you can consult the Internet pages www.fundacionhelice.com and www.yoreciclomxl.com, as well as on social networks on Facebook and Instagram @fundacionheliceac or, call the office phone 686-218-1120 on Monday to Friday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  In-office, they can go to Marmoleros Sur 1808, Colonia Libertad, in Mexicali Baja California.

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