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Governor Signs Eduardo Garcia’s Historic Climate Change Legislation

Clean, Green Prosperous Future on California Horizon

(SAN FRANCISCO, CA)— Today, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. lent his signature to Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia’s (D- Coachella) AB 398, the next critical benchmark in California’s global climate leadership. This groundbreaking legislation established a comprehensive statewide program that will keep us on track to meet our ambitious 2030 climate goals.

“California has come together to act on climate, united across party lines with one clear vision for the future. I applaud the great vision of Governor Brown, Senate President pro Tempore Kevin De León and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon. Together, through an unprecedented collaborative, bipartisan effort AB 398 will establish a comprehensive mechanism to allow us to achieve our ambitious climate goals, retain industry jobs to sustain our ever growing, clean green economy, all while addressing vital public health and air quality issues,” professed Assemblymember Garcia, Chairman of the Joint Legislative Committee on Climate Change Policies.  “As we work to reach our 2030 emission reduction goals, over time this system would reduce tax burden and prove significantly less costly to Californian households.”

“This landmark journey began last year with the passage of SB 32 and AB 197; where we were successful in shifting the global warming dialogue from polar bears and melting ice caps to focus on the severe public health consequences facing disadvantaged, environmentally vulnerable communities; like those in my district.”

“I am proud of the positive trajectory we have created. Thanks to our advocacy efforts California’s climate change policies are centered on air quality to bring about greater transparency and true climate equity in areas that historically have been disproportionately impacted by pollution.”

Governor Brown stated that “California is leading the world in dealing with a principal existential threat that humanity faces…We are a nation-state in a globalizing world and we’re having an impact and you’re here witnessing one of the key milestones in turning around this carbonized world into a decarbonized, sustainable future.”

Former California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger joined in this historic ceremony which was strategically staged at Treasure Island, the same location where he signed AB 32 (the original California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006); authorizing our state’s cap-and-trade program.

“Thanks to bipartisan support California was able to extend its historic cap and trade program which protects our environment and preserves our nation-leading economic growth. Governor Brown and legislative leaders from both parties came together to ensure that California continues to march toward a clean, prosperous future,” said former Governor Schwarzenegger.

Tomorrow afternoon in Bell Gardens, Governor Brown will assemble alongside Assemblymembers Eduardo Garcia and Cristina Garcia for AB 617’s signing ceremony. This climate measure was introduced alongside AB 398; together they formulate the complete 2017 air quality and carbon pollution bill package that will guide our state to a clean, green and prosperous future.

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