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Governor Orders More Hydration Points in Baja California Amid Heat Wave


In response to rising temperatures in the region, the Governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda, has ordered the reinforcement of hydration points throughout the state as part of the inter-institutional campaign “Safe Summer.”

This initiative aims to ensure the availability of water and other necessary hydration resources in key areas, particularly for the most vulnerable populations. The governor explained that this measure seeks to effectively address the needs of all residents of Baja California during the extreme heat season.

In Mexicali, a mobile hydration route has been implemented, covering the Downtown Area, Lázaro Cárdenas Road Distributor, Lázaro Cárdenas Monument, Downtown Crossing, Francisco Zarco Monument, Sánchez Taboada Monument, and the intersection with Venustiano Carranza Boulevard. This route aims to provide easy and quick access to drinking water at strategic points in the city.

Health Secretary Adrián Medina Amarillas reported that, in addition to the mobile route, two mass hydration points have been set up, one of which is equipped to provide water for pets. Additionally, 200 hydration houses have been established in Mexicali and the Coastal Zone of the state. Recently, 12 new hydration houses have been opened in Tijuana, including one in the San Ysidro crossing area.

Thanks to these actions, nearly five thousand people have received assistance at the various hydration modules, where preventive health consultations and services are also offered. This comprehensive response aims to mitigate the adverse effects of high temperatures and ensure the well-being of the population of Baja California during the summer.

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