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Governor Announces 500 million Peso Trust Fund to Improve Quality of Life for Baja California Police Officers and Families


To improve the quality of life for Baja California police officers and their families, Governor Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda announced a series of initiatives to dignify police work through the establishment of a 500 million peso trust fund. This fund aims to provide social security for the officers and their families.

During the 131st edition of “Miércoles de Mañanera,” the governor explained that since the beginning of her administration, legal measures have been promoted to grant social security to everyone dedicated to the security of Baja California families.

The head of the State Executive Branch indicated that the creation of an investment trust will integrate a pension and benefits plan, primarily for the elements of the State Citizen Security Force (FESC) and prison custodians.

This trust includes medical service affiliation, payments for prostheses, psychological and psychiatric treatments, funeral expenses, life insurance, support for will preparation, life pensions for retirement, and retirement based on age or length of service, among other benefits.

Legal advisor Juan José Pon Méndez highlighted that the creation of the trust guarantees social security for the police officers and their families, including basic benefits and fixed humanitarian pensions. Previously, humanitarian pensions varied, with amounts up to 10,000 pesos per month or less.

The state official noted that the new reforms establish a fixed humanitarian pension of 18,000 pesos for beneficiaries. Additionally, in December, they will receive a bonus equivalent to 40 days of salary.

Secretary of the Treasury Marco Moreno Mexía specified that municipalities have been invited to join the trust under a joint contribution scheme: for each peso contributed by a municipality, the state will contribute another peso. Tecate and San Felipe are already in the process of joining, and it is expected that municipalities such as Tijuana, Rosarito, and San Quintín will join in the coming months.

Initially, the trust will amount to 500 million pesos, benefiting 2,000 active agents and 198 former officers. The goal is to achieve a capitalization of 1.5 billion pesos by the end of the administration, ensuring decent and lifelong pensions for police officers.

He added that of the 10,366 police officers registered in Baja California, 6,397 are currently receiving social security benefits, either directly from the state master trust or through their trusts.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to Visit Baja California

Governor Marina del Pilar also announced that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will visit Baja California this Saturday, May 25, to Mexicali, to supervise the progress of the IMSS Bienestar and address health issues for the benefit of Baja Californians.

The governor expressed gratitude to the President for his support in advancing toward a decent health system for all Baja Californians, especially for those without social security in the state.

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