MEXICALI, BC- Saturday, September 29, 2018.- The Government of the State headed by Francisco Vega de Lamadrid, through the State Coordination of Civil Protection of Baja California, reports that Hurricane “Rosa” will become Tropical Storm during the day of Sunday morning and it is expected to touch earth during Monday night between San Quintín, BC, until Punta Abreojos in Baja California Sur (BCS).

The State Coordinator of Civil Protection of Baja California, Antonio Rosquillas Navarro, said that in any way, it remains a danger as Tropical Storm in its entire trajectory, which is projected to be northeast, crossing the State just above the Sierra de San Pedro Mártir and the southern portion of the Sierra de Juárez, to reach the municipality of Mexicali just north of San Felipe, and then enter Sonora and continue as Tropical Depression to the United States.

He indicated that according to the National Hurricane Center, “Rosa” is expected to produce rain between Sunday night and midway through the next week with amounts of 75 to 150 mm in Baja California and northern Sonora, as well as 200 mm in some indeterminate points, especially in the mountains.

Likewise, Rosquillas Navarro mentioned that these precipitations have a high potential to produce flash floods, putting at high risk the lives of people, their goods and infrastructure.

For what he said it is important to pay special attention and observance in the following locations:

Highway Ensenada to La Paz: in the towns and neighboring points of San Vicente, Punta Colonet, Camalú, Colonia Vicente Guerrero, San Quintín, El Rosario and Cataviña.

Highway Ensenada to San Felipe: in the towns and neighboring points of Valle de Ojos Negros, Heroes of the Independence, Santa Catarina, Laws of Reform, Valley of the Trinidad and San Matías.

Mexicali Highway to Laguna Chapala: Corridor from El Mayor to San Felipe, the port of San Felipe, Puertecitos, Bay of San Luis Gonzaga.

Sierra de San Pedro Mártir, National Observatory, and neighboring ranches, as well as in Sierra de Juárez.

Likewise, heavy rains are likely to happen in the Rumorosa, for this reason, precautions will have to be taken when traveling through this area.


  • Evacuate low areas prone to flooding and flooding of streams, go with neighbors in safe areas or temporary shelters, request information about their location in their municipal offices, carry important documents.
  • Do not cross streams or flooded areas.
  • Do not risk your life to protect material goods.
  • Handle with extreme care, especially in areas of landslides, rock falls, mudflows and fords.
  • Take care of objects that can be thrown into the air by the force of the winds.
  • Move away from downed poles and electric cables.
  • Obey the recommendations of the Police, the Army, the Navy, Civil Protection, Rescue Groups, Firemen and other authorities.
  • Put your pets and animals safe.
  • In this type of emergency, the Rescue, Fire and Red Cross Groups must not respond to protect or save real estate or property, only human lives, therefore, only call 911 for emergencies, when the life of the victims is at risk. people or their physical integrity.

For specific weather forecasts and probabilities of damage in each municipal capital, it is recommended to consult with your Municipal Civil Protection offices to the following telephones:

Mexicali: 686 5549211

Ensenada: 646 1739710 and 1739790

Tijuana: 664 6839112

Tecate 665 5211218

Beaches of Rosarito 661 6149600 extension 2077

The state official said that the data was taken from the National Hurricanes and Meteorological Service of the United States, the National Weather Service and the State Atlas of Risks of Baja California.

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