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Government of Baja California Begins Holiday Travel Plan


With the firm commitment to continue maintaining peace and social harmony in the streets of the seven municipalities of Baja California during the Christmas season, the State Government through the Secretary of Citizen Security (SSCBC) and in coordination with the City Councils, the directorates and security secretaries, as well as federal authorities, launched the 2023 Comprehensive Christmas Plan that will extend until January 6.

Representing the governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda, the Secretary General of the Government, Alfredo Álvarez Cárdenas, indicated that preventive and informative operations will be deployed by the secretariats of the National Defense, Navy, National Guard, the National Migration Institute (INM), State Citizen Security Force (FESC), municipal public security secretariats and directorates, as well as Firefighters, Red Cross, Civil Protection, State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) and Attorney General’s Office of the Republic ( FGR).

Álvarez Cárdenas expressed that one of the priorities within the current administration is the coordination with which it has been working day by day for the well-being of Baja Californians, as has been established in the State Security Council.

“Let’s always think about the people, in this case, it makes us focus our efforts on the holiday season, this element forces us to think that we have to serve the people, then we are public servants who owe attention and care for the public that visits us and for the public that celebrates at home,” the Secretary General of the Government of Baja California expressed in his message to the citizens.

For his part, the Secretary of Citizen Security, General Leopoldo Tizoc Aguilar Durán, shared that the State Citizen Security Force (FESC) will deploy just over 800 agents who will be carrying out various activities related to the prevention of crimes in the seven municipalities, maintaining the dialogue and coordination that exists inter-institutionally.

As part of her message, the mayor of Tijuana, Monserrat Caballero Ramírez, highlighted that talking about this security device highlights three aspects: Preventive Security, Commercial Security, and Road Safety; “Tell the merchants, the Tijuana residents, that they will be well protected during these Christmas and New Year periods with road and police assistance,” she said.

The Secretariat of Citizen Security will maintain its prevention and surveillance tours in the neighborhoods of the seven municipalities of Baja California, coordinating with the different corporations to reinforce surveillance in banking areas, shopping plazas, areas of agglomeration of people, and entertainment centers, among others. others, to continue providing safe spaces for citizens, as well as for those who visit or transit through the entity.

The start of the 2023 Comprehensive Christmas Plan was attended by: the state coordinator of the National Guard, General Bgda. D.E.M Jorge Enrique Martínez Medina; the head of the State Attorney General’s Office, Ma. Elena Andrade Ramírez; the delegate of the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic, Víctor Porcayo Domínguez; the head of INAMI in Baja California, David Pérez Tejada Padilla; the Secretary of Tourism of Baja California, Miguel Aguiñiga Rodríguez; the general director of the Red Cross, Alberto Quintanar.

As well as the Secretary of Security and Municipal Citizen Protection of Tijuana, José Fernando Sánchez González; the director of the Tijuana Fire Department, Rafael Carrillo Venegas; the municipal president of Ensenada, Armando Ayala Robles; the president of the Municipal Council of San Quintín, Jorge Alberto López Peralta; the director of Public Safety of Ensenada, Myr. Ret. Info. David Armando Sánchez González; and the Violeta Squad coordinator, Silvia Grisel Licon Casanova.

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