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Google announces improved Google Maps Live View with AR directions

By: Gabriel Barajas, Staff Writer

In recent days, Google announced a few updates to Live View, the augmented reality walking directions in its Google Maps app that launched last year. The live view utilizes your phone’s GPS and camera to tell you exactly where to go. For now, the only way to use augmented reality for directions is in walking directions.

This new feature will be especially useful when moving around in a big city. Most people that travel always have issues moving around in big cities due to fact that everything is unknown. Sometimes looking at the map can be a little stressful, but with Google’s new feature, Live View will show you exactly where to go with augmented reality.

Google Maps will be able to identify landmarks, say, the empire state building, for example. Google also announced that they will be fixing issues with pinning while using Live View. As a bonus to Live View, you will be able to share your location like you normally would to a friend and they will be to go to you using Live View.

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