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Gina Cruz Highlights Relationship with The United States and California


The Senator for Baja California, Gina Andrea Cruz Blackledge, acknowledged that the relationship with the United States, and especially with the state of California, represents great challenges, ranging from cross-border waters, illegal migration, as well as organized crime, in addition to the 2026 World Cup Soccer. 

A work meeting was held where the North American Foreign Relations Commission chaired by Gina Cruz, received the senators of the State of California, María Elena Durazo; Stephen Glazer; Benjamin Allen and John Laird.

The legislator for National Action highlighted the importance of Mexico’s relationship with the United States of America, especially in this year that celebrates the Bicentennial of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Since December 12, both the Embassy of the United States and Mexico have begun the celebration of this great relationship, it sounds very easy, they are 200 very important years, especially with the state of California, she said. 

“California is the State of the American Union where the largest number of Mexicans reside in the United States, so the economic, cultural, political, and social contributions of our compatriots in that region are invaluable.

“Regarding the relationship between Mexico and California, in the commercial field, it is the second with the highest volume of commercial flow, only after the state of Texas.

“This exchange of commodities occurs through 7 border crossings with Baja California, making it one of the most dynamic in the world,” said Gina Cruz.

“In the same way, the CaliBaja region and its dynamics, which I experience daily as a resident of this enormous region and as a representative and senator of the state of Baja California, faces great challenges, such as the management of transboundary waters.

“One of the issues that at this time is the highest priority for both nations, irregular migration and its attention, both for families and for unaccompanied children, the largest border infrastructure, both to expedite commercial crossings and for individuals.”

As well as the very important issue of cross-border organized crime, which claims lives daily on both sides of the border and therefore is an issue that both nations must address in a coordinated manner and that all levels of government, both federal, state, and local, must be given the greatest importance.

Finally, this meeting addresses the bilateral relationship, such as gender equality and the organization of the FIFA World Cup that will take place in 2026, of which the three partner countries of the North American region will be, as a clear example of our integration and unbreakable alliance.

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