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Garcia Ready for an Active Legislative Year


Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia kicked off the new year by having an open house at his office in Imperial Valley.

People from all the cities packed the event to speak to the Assemblyman about issues that affect the community. Garcia started his legislative session introducing several bills and is establishing a stronger relationship with Baja California government legislators.

The first meeting took place in October 2018 in Mexico City and it focused on the border, water, and other environmental issues of mutual importance between California and Mexico.

“We established an agenda with our counterparts in Mexico and met with agencies and we talked about the issues that are important for California and to our region here in the border such as infrastructure, environment air, and water quality, public safety among the border and at the same time, we talked about reinforcing the work our Mexican Consulates do in California. We have introduced a series of bills relevant to our work here in the border such as collaborative pilot programs for air monitoring with Mexicali and Imperial Valley and to develop a strategy to enforce pollution laws both in California and Mexicali,” Garcia said.

Garcia also mentioned that he met with California Governor Gavin Newsom and expressed to him the importance of the Salton Sea restoration plan and compete equitably for funding for housing and homelessness.

“It’s a matter of implementation of the things we have worked on but nevertheless his budget proposal focuses on increasing funding for Cal State Universities, K-12, and something that is important to me is access to early childhood education. Education is important to overcome the economic circumstances of our area,” Garcia said.

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