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Gala Awards Honors President of College of Public Relations in Baja California


In order to create a better community for everyone you need people that lead by example and do things unselfishly and serve those in need. 

One example of a leader that defines “Service Above Self” is Niral Basave, President of the College of Public Relations in Baja California who recently received an award for her community involvement. 

The Forjadores de México Award gala was born to recognize and make visible the work and effort of women and men who, in their field, positively impact their environment, being agents of change….  to forge a better Mexico.

“We all come to this world to be something more. With my work in public relations and my other activities, I help a lot of people. We can all build a better Mexico,” Basave said. 

She was nominated by a member of Club Rotario Coronado Binacional and was one of the many movers and shakers that were honored at the gala. The winners included chefs, doctors, people in the fashion industry, and other industries. 

Basave’s work includes supporting the arts, culture, and other things. Her involvement motivates others to do better and touches the lives of many people. 

“We can achieve a “we can do” mentality by working as a team to help people living in the streets and make the world better,” she added. 

Basave said that through her philosophy of leading by example, others can be inspired to do things. 

She specializes in alternative therapies to enrich his professional development by becoming a hypnosis and rebirth therapist, a breathing technique created by Leonard Orr. She studies Human Development at the Chilean Cóndor Blanco school of leadership, where she became the leader of the Baja California-San Diego chapter in the year 2000.

She is the founder of the Instituto Cultural del Norte, and winner of 2nd place as the best independent cultural project in 1999, an award granted by the IMAC in Tijuana. She started other projects like the Mexican Institute of Culture, Art and Human Development AC. 

She is the winner for two consecutive years of poetry contests at the national level organized by the National School of Educators, and actor revelation among all the teacher training schools of the Country, as well as 2nd place in Public Speaking.  

She is a teacher of sacred dances and oriental dances, winning important national and international awards. She is the first oriental dance teacher in Baja California and the first Mexican to tour countries such as Valencia Spain, Valencia Venezuela, Medellín Colombia, San Diego USA, Los Angeles USA, giving lectures and seminars on the professionalization of dance, image, design, and creation of the artist.

Niral is internationally recognized for her great work in dignifying this area of ​​art and her direct work in the integral development of women.

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