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From Humble Beginnings to Global Stage: Marco Antonio Peralta’s Inspiring Journey in Sports Journalism


A native of El Centro, California, Valle Imperial, Marco Antonio Peralta has embarked on an inspiring journey from a humble beginning to fulfilling his dream in the world of sports journalism. After graduating from Meadows Union School in 2013, followed by Central Union High School in 2017, and eventually Imperial Valley College in 2019, Peralta paved his way to success through hard work and determination.

His passion for sports journalism ignited during his high school years when he interned at 95.3 FM The Edge. Remarkably, his journey took an unexpected turn when a familiar name, Victor Nuno, his former kindergarten yard duty teacher, emerged as an important figure in his career. Through connections made at church events and encounters with mentors like Frankie Thomas and Calvin Olivas, Peralta found his footing in the world of sports media.

“That was my first time being in sports media and as nervous and as bad I was during my first show, I loved it and I decided to pursue it as a career,” he recalled. 

Captivated by the storytelling prowess of sports announcers, he set his sights on pursuing a career in sports media. His tenure with local media outlets like KXO, The Edge, and Audiorama, coupled with his podcasting endeavors, honed his journalism style and solidified his determination to excel in the field. Peralta emphasized the importance of using his platform to inspire others and share his faith, stating, “Success for me is using my platform to direct people to Jesus and to show them that they too can accomplish their dreams.”

Peraltas’s professional journey took him beyond local borders as he seized opportunities with renowned baseball teams such as the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Los Angeles Angels. Recounting his experiences, he expressed gratitude for the chance to fulfill his childhood dream of working in baseball. 

“And now being the official voice of a Major League Baseball team is what I always dreamed about. Trust in Him, His plan and timing,” he added.

However, his career trajectory reached new heights when he was offered the opportunity to cover the World Cup Soccer in Qatar.

“A kid from the Imperial Valley, who grew up in a trailer in a low-income family, who struggled in school and thought was up to no good was being hired to be at the biggest tournament in not just sports, in the world. All I could do at that moment was praise God again and thank Him for what He was blessing me with,” he said. 

Peralta also made waves as an announcer for Mexican soccer team games in Phoenix, further cementing his reputation as a versatile and accomplished sports broadcaster. 

For aspiring journalists in Imperial Valley, Peralta offered words of encouragement, urging them to believe in their dreams despite obstacles. “Don’t let anybody say you can’t achieve your dreams or you’re not good enough,” he emphasized, highlighting the importance of resilience and learning from mistakes.

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