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Francisco Fuentes Aréstegui Assumes the Presidency of CANACINTRA


After three consecutive years representing the industrials of Mexicali, Alberto Sánchez Torres passes on the torch to Francisco Fuentes Aréstegui, who has served as the vice president of the Board of Directors of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (CANACINTRA) Mexicali throughout his tenure.

Sánchez Torres has informed the members that he has decided to step down from his position as President of CANACINTRA Mexicali, expressing gratitude for the unwavering support provided by the partners throughout his term.

He explained that his presidency began during the pandemic in 2020 and spanned until the present, commencing on an interim basis and later being elected in the Ordinary Annual Assembly for consecutive terms until the completion of his tenure.

It is with this in mind that the now former President of CANACINTRA Mexicali stated, “I have chosen to conclude my term after three years, content in the knowledge that the interests of the Mexicali industrial sector were consistently advocated for. I am also grateful for my new role as the National Vice President of the Northwest Region of CANACINTRA Nacional and as the coordinator of the Industrial Block of CANACINTRA in Baja California, allowing me to continue working for the industry.”

Adhering to our bylaws, Sánchez Torres has assured that Francisco Fuentes Aréstegui, the first vice president of the Board of Directors, will assume the position of interim president effective May 15. Fuentes Aréstegui takes on the responsibility of carrying forward the leadership and guiding all the endeavors of our institution.

Francisco Fuentes Aréstegui, a prominent entrepreneur from Mexicali and a scion of an industrial family, has been an active member of CANACINTRA for numerous years. In addition to his role on the Board of Directors, he has also served as a counselor at the National Headquarters.

Finally, Sánchez Torres extends his gratitude to the business community, the media, and, above all, the partners of CANACINTRA Mexicali for their unwavering trust and support. Their backing has been instrumental in advancing the industry and benefiting the Mexican community throughout our endeavors.

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