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Filter System is Introduced to Combat Bad Air Quality


In order to create a mechanism to clean the air and reduce air pollution, a new system that could benefit the city was introduced this weekend.

Thanks to the initiative of a young Mexicali resident, there is a new option for the city’s industries to purify the pollutants that affect its residents.

The Citizens Committee of Ecology and Environment of Mexicali introduced the project called TECNOFILTRO SCS.  It is a system that makes the smoke that is released into the atmosphere be purified before it goes into the air.

Mexicali resident Walter Rubén Vargas Maldonado created a special filter that will neutralize the emissions generated by companies and vehicles.

“The techno filter is necessary for the polluting industries, we need to purify the air so that it does not go out to the environment and continue to damage nature more.  We are still on time,” said Vargas Maldonado.

The project is supported by Jaime Davila Galvan of the firm Davila & Associates who said this project will benefit the city to reduce the air pollution that has affected it for many years.

“Without a doubt, this will be of great help to improve the air quality in Mexicali,” said Jaime Dávila Galván.

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