-Contribution of Women Beer Tasters in Mexico

It was in Ensenada during 2016 that Kathy Pedrin, in her third and last year as president of Catadoras y Cerveceras de México, proposed to institute the Day of the Brewer throughout the country. Derived from the celebration, a CCM Educational Scholarship Program to benefit its coordinators to promote their professionalization in the beer field was duly established.

Starting that year, a Star Coordinator was appointed in response to her performance in the group. She was awarded a Scholarship to be certified as a Beer Server by the Cicerone program or any other certification according to the level of preparation that the scholarship recipient requires.

Ensenada was the first venue where breweries from Tijuana, Mexicali, Ensenada, and San Diego, CA make GOSE with lemon grass with Cervecería Agua Mala, all of them decided which style to cook and designed the recipe, producing 240 liters for the Tap Room of the host brewery. The sales of Cachonda Cerveza de Ensenada and Cervecería Huérfana de Saltillo during the Ensenada Beer Fest 2016, went to the CCE Educational Program.

Every year since then, all the breweries in Mexico have been called on their networks to join the celebration by making beer from their place of origin or meeting to taste beer with the purpose of making the women of each location visible.

MAIN VENUES on Women Brewer Day:

Ensenada 2016 with Cervecería Agua Mala – Mexicali 2017 with Cervecería Legión

Tijuana 2018 with Cervecería Lúdica – Guadalajara 2019 with Cervecería Loba

Hermosillo 2020 with Cervecería Ocotillo – 2021 throughout Mexico

2022 throughout Mexico – Oaxaca 2023 with Oaxaca Brewing

Catadoras y Cerveceras de México is a group that was founded in Ensenada B.C.  on March 17, 2012, with the purpose of promoting beer culture and its moderate consumption and supporting the professionalization of the women’s beer sector.

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