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EXOSOMAS: The New Regenerative Medicine


By: Dr. Elton Luis Gómez Ríos, expert in stem cells

The need to take new therapeutic pathways is the daily task of medicine, given the new challenges posed daily by multiple pathologies for which there is no established treatment or treatment tools are scarce, makes us face a new reality, training of new generations of physicians is required, reformulation of the old paradigms by doctors who have been in the exercise of their functions for many years, and who usually resist new knowledge, or who without knowing it simply disqualify it without further ado, and the general public, who every day must be better informed, to avoid falling into traps of frauds covered with science, in the endless search for the best quality of life and perfect health.

Regenerative medicine is making its way among all the specialties as an excellent option in the treatment of various diseases such as osteoarthritis of the knees, for instance, leaning on stem cell therapy and exosomes derived from them, to regenerate cartilage, ligaments and other structures of the joints.


The procedure consists in causing the stem cells to produce microvesicles, called exosomes, to then inject exosomes under anesthesia in the affected joint, additionally they are applied in ligaments and tendons to create an effect of reinforcement and strengthening in them, the exosomas are adhered strongly to the surfaces causing the cells to respond to signals and begin to regenerate and divide, and regulate the function of cells normally found in these tissues, such as chondroblasts and osteoblasts.

Thus the tissue that was previously worn, damaged and swollen, improves its function, symptoms improve, and little by little the patient resumes his previously abandoned activities. This technology that looks like a science fiction story, is today a reality, damaged joints can be improved without surgery, and the patient’s quality of life improves through these treatments.

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