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April, 2024

  • 11 April

    Arizona Supreme Court Upholds Near-Total Abortion Ban

    -Editorial In a landmark decision, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled on April 9, 2024, that the state’s near-total abortion ban, dating back to the 1864 Howell Code, can be enforced starting April 23, 2024. This ruling marks a significant shift in the state’s legal stance on abortion, making it illegal …

  • 10 April

    California’s Budget Woes Jeopardize Child Health Coverage

    -Editorial As California grapples with a budget deficit, the state risks undermining its investments in early childhood development and harming its most vulnerable children by not ensuring that they have health coverage when they need it most.  The Legislature approved multi-year continuous Medicaid (Medi-Cal in California) coverage for children ages …

  • 10 April

    Imperial County Board of Supervisors Advocates for Clean Energy Projects

    -Editorial In a move towards bolstering clean energy initiatives and economic development, the Imperial County Board of Supervisors has recently sent two letters of support to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for critical projects centered around lithium and geothermal energy. The board met at their regular meeting on April …

  • 9 April

    “Listas” Campaign Enlists Women—Backbone for State’s Emergency Preparedness

    -Editorial Ethnic Media Services and California Black Media presented a statewide ethnic media briefing aimed at raising awareness about Listas California, a first-of-its-kind effort by the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) to empower women with emergency resilience knowledge. Listos California 2023 research identified key demographic groups that …

  • 9 April

    3rd Annual Autism Awareness Event Brings Imperial County Community Together

     -Editorial The local organization Autism Support of Imperial County (ASIC or AIC) hosted its 3rd Annual Autism Awareness F.A.I.R. (Fun, Awareness, Information, and Recreation) at Eager Park on April 6, 2024, from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm.  The event, organized in collaboration with the Department of Parks and Recreation, aimed …

  • 8 April

    First Mexico’s Presidential Debate Puts Women at the Forefront

    -Editorial The first televised presidential debate illuminated the fierce competition between the country’s top contenders. With more than 100 million voters preparing to cast their ballots in June, the stage is set for a historic race with two women at the forefront: Claudia Sheinbaum of the ruling party and Xóchitl …

  • 7 April

    The Great North American Eclipse: A Celestial Phenomenon Beckons

    -Editorial As anticipation mounts, North America braces for a rare cosmic spectacle—the total solar eclipse poised to cast its shadow across the continent on Monday, April 8, 2024.  This celestial marvel, aptly dubbed the Great North American Eclipse by some media outlets, promises to excite millions as the sun momentarily …

  • 7 April

    Protection of Personal Data in the Digital Era

    Spanish version by David Rey Frausto García, candidate to PHD in Public Administration. English Version by: Terry Ahtziry Cardenas Banda, corporate attorney, internationalist, and law professor. All of us as human beings are members of a society, a society that changes very quickly, we currently live in the era of technology, artificial intelligence, and …

  • 3 April

    Is Bitcoin a Scam or the Asset of the Future?

    By: Julian Martinez, Bitcoin Consultant. Bitcoin. You might have heard of it through your crazy friend or relative. Or you might have heard about it on the news when it hit an all-time high and then painfully crashed down in value. Is it just a speculative bubble? Is the value …

  • 1 April

    Mexicana Airlines Sued for $841 Million by Texas Company

    -Editorial Mexicana Airlines is facing a lawsuit totaling at least $841 million filed by a Texas company, alleging multiple breaches of contract that impeded its assistance in launching the carrier.  The complaint, lodged in Manhattan federal court, detailed Mexico’s government enlistment of the plaintiff, SAT Aero Holdings, last year to …