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Ellie Burgueño Publishes Book for Women’s Financial Empowerment

From left to right: Mireya Cuellar (La Jornada BC Director), Arq. Velia Zavala (President of AMEXME Mxl), Ellie Burgueño, Colila Eguia (Journalist & Writer) and Andrea Celeste (Journalist & TV Host).


In an event filled with inspiration and empowerment, journalist Ellie Burgueño presented her second literary work, Hey Girls! You Can Also Become Badass Money Makers! at the UABC museum in Mexicali. The book launch featured a panel of prominent regional women, including journalist Colia Eguia, Mireya Cuellar, director of La Jornada Baja California, and Velia Zavala, president of the Mexican Association of Business Women, Mexicali chapter.

Burgueño’s work is a transformative guide aimed at empowering women on their path to financial independence. Focusing on the historical impact of women and the importance of embracing one’s identity, Burgueño guides her readers to dream big and set achievable goals. The book offers practical strategies for creating a solid business plan, mastering the art of credit, and diversifying income sources.

During the presentation, Burgueño emphasized the relevance of smart spending and investing, highlighting the need to focus on what truly matters to achieve financial success. Additionally, the book addresses the importance of interpersonal relationships, contingency planning, and seeking financial resources, providing readers with a roadmap to greatness.

The primary obstacles women cite for not investing according to a study by Bank of America include not having enough savings (38%), lack of knowledge (32%), and the perception that investing is too risky (22%). Reflecting on their financial regrets, nearly half of the women (44%) regret not saving and investing sooner. They also wish they had invested more (26%), educated themselves more about money (23%), avoided excessive credit card debt (21%), chosen higher-paying careers (19%), lived within their means (18%), and taken better care of their health (14%).

Recognized for her work as a journalist and editor, Burgueño combines her extensive experience in writing and communication with a solid education from U.S. institutions such as UC San Diego, San Diego State University, and Harvard. With over 18 years of experience as a legal, medical, and literary interpreter-translator, Burgueño also holds an MFA in Creative Writing and recent certifications in Digital Marketing and Public Relations from UCLA.

In addition to her writing career, Ellie Burgueño leads various press clubs and directs publications such as “Beyond Borders Gazette” and a new local newspaper in the Imperial Valley called “Imperial Valley Insight,” under BB Publishing Inc. Her commitment to journalism and female empowerment has earned her national awards, solidifying her role as an influential community figure.

Burgueño published her first book, “Segunda Oportunidad”, (Second Chance) in 2018 and has other literary projects in the works.


You can find her book in both English and Spanish, available as ebook and paperback versions, on Amazon.com at this link:


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