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Ellie Burgueno presents creative writing workshop “Develop and Publish your Book”

By: Fidel Gastelum, Reporter

As part of her 2020 Agenda, Ellie Burgueño, Founder of the BB Publishing Inc., Beyond Borders Gazette publishing house, and the coming bi-monthly travel magazine Elite Tourism Magazine, offered the workshop “Develop and Publish your Book”, where she also shared experiences that she has acquired throughout her career as a writer, over 13 years. Ellie presented a program with a series of steps, in order to develop people’s creative side and to be able to give life to the literary projects that people have in mind.

The event was held at the Araiza Hotel in Mexicali, where people of different ages, lifestyles, and professions, as well as talented, gathered to present their ideas, experiences, and concerns about their desire or aspiration to write a book, whether about their life, a situation or anecdote, as to leave a legacy based on their activity or profession in which they are involved.

This workshop covered topics such as the origins of literature, historical stages, literary genres, as well as the physics of the story, manuscript development, author’s profile, and image, as well as the role of literary agents and publishers, in addition to the digital platforms where writers can sell their work, either on their own, online or through a publisher or agent.

Each of the attendees was satisfied with the workshop, and the dynamics implemented in favor of the general ideas about the book they want to create, as well as the objectives they’re pursuing. Ellie Burgueño thanked them for attending this first time and added that this workshop will have a second stage, to continue with her goal to promote creative writing.

Editorial services, as well as Ellie Burgueño’s biography, can be found on her official website www.ellieburgueno.com, which is still under construction but where she will be sharing articles, poetry, short stories, as well as future workshops, conferences, and courses.

If you are interested in any of these workshops to be offered soon, you can follow the page on Facebook: Libro Segunda Oportunidad, or send an email to bborders.gazette@gmail.com, to request more information.

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