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Elevating Public Education through Annual Performance Ratings for School Employees


  • Concerns over the quality of public education in Imperial County have reached a tipping point, leading to a call for accountability among public school employees.
  • A comprehensive study has revealed significant service deficiencies among certain public school employees, sparking the need for change and transparency in the system.
  • The implementation of an annual performance rating system, backed by citizens and supported by the political and judicial systems, is crucial to ensure transparency,

In the tight-knit community of Imperial County, concerns over the quality of public education have reached a tipping point. Holding public school employees accountable, especially those with direct contact with students and parents, has become a pressing issue. Recent findings from a comprehensive study conducted by our organization have shed light on significant service deficiencies among some public school employees, prompting a call for change. With their salaries funded by hard-earned tax dollars, it is crucial to implement an annual performance rating system, backed by citizens, and supported by the political and judicial systems, to ensure transparency, accountability, and an enhanced quality of education for all.

The study revealed a disheartening level of service by certain public school employees in Imperial County, leaving many parents and community members dissatisfied. This lack of commitment and dedication is especially alarming given that their salaries are derived from the contributions made by taxpayers. Failing to meet the expectations of parents and children while falling short in serving the community is unacceptable.

Equally troubling is the prevalence of biases toward students in our border cities. By assuming these children are residents of Mexicali and exploiting the system through fraudulent enrollments, public school employees perpetuate an environment of mistreatment and abuse of power. Instead of fostering inclusivity and support, such actions deepen divisions and hinder the educational progress of these students. Reversing this trend is imperative, demanding fair treatment without biases or discriminatory practices from all public school employees.

Implementing an annual performance rating system represents a necessary step toward addressing these identified issues. It empowers citizens, constituents, and community members to actively participate in evaluating the performance of school employees. Through collective votes, we can ensure that educators and staff members who consistently demonstrate excellence and dedication are retained while holding those who fail to meet established standards accountable.

The success of this performance rating system hinges on the engagement of citizens and community members. By actively participating in the evaluation process, we gain a platform to voice our concerns and shape decisions regarding the employment of public school employees. Moreover, community support and collaboration are vital in creating an educational environment that nurtures inclusivity, fairness, and equal opportunities for all students.

Securing support from the political and judicial systems is essential to guarantee the credibility and effectiveness of the annual performance rating system. Political leaders must acknowledge the importance of citizen involvement and advocate for its implementation. Simultaneously, the judiciary must ensure that evaluations are conducted objectively, protecting the rights and due process of public school employees while safeguarding the interests of the community.

Imperial County, like many other small communities, faces significant challenges in the quality of education provided by some public school employees. As responsible citizens, we have a duty to demand accountability and transparency in the allocation of our tax dollars. By implementing an annual performance rating system, democratically voted upon by citizens and supported by the political and judicial systems, we can establish the high standards we expect from public school employees. Let us unite as a community, driving positive change and fostering an educational environment that empowers our students and meets the needs of our community as a whole.

If you are a member of the community in Imperial County, we invite you to feel out our survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/3N2SYR6, or give us your feedback, and concerns, share an experience or comments via email at: bborders.gazette@gmail.com

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