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El Centro Brings Goodwill to Everyone with Christmas Parade


The traditional El Centro Christmas Parade took place in Dec. 7 as families and the community joined into the celebration of the Christmas season. A Christmas parade is for many the culmination of a year’s worth of work as you see people, businesses, and schools participate in the event.

For schools, children proudly walk the streets of their city representing their school they belong to and showing what they achieved this year. The drill team cheers the streets as the lead their school through the parade while the high school marching band wakes up the pride in people for their high school.

For a business, they renew their commitment to its customers by having personal contact with the people they serve. Those that participate in the parade can see their friends and other community members waving at them from the streets. The positive vibe between people ignites goodwill among people.

All in the beginning of the Christmas season that arrived in El Centro as families packed the streets to see Santa Claus and other fun participants that help maintain the spirit of the holidays alive.

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