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Educational Group September 16 Launches Bachelor’s in Gastronomy


On Wednesday, December 15, the presentation and inauguration of the Bachelor of Gastronomy took place.  It was through a press conference that the arrival of the career that joins the degrees that Grupo Educativo 16 de Septiembre has which comes to enrich the educational offer already available.

During the event, the collaboration agreement was signed with the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry (CANIRAC) Mexicali where Sergio Cárdenas Pacheco, Director of CANIRAC, and Manuel Ruelas Jiménez Rector of Grupo Educativo, were in charge of celebrating said collaboration agreement between both institutions.

It is worth mentioning that the Bachelor of Gastronomy will begin activities on January 17, 2022, with its first generation, this will be in a four-month modality to three years and taught at the Villanova campus.

The coordinator of the program, Chef Ilean Padilla spoke about her professional career and explained the importance and relevance of the Bachelor’s Degree in Gastronomy where once graduated, students will have skills such as: “Undertake and develop businesses in the gastronomic field and prepare a great variety of dishes applying different culinary techniques, in all related fields”.

On the other hand, for Grupo Educativo 16 de Septiembre having CANIRAC as one of its allies is a privilege since it is the business organization that represents, integrates, promotes, and defends the interests of the restaurant industry, through dialogue with the government and related sectors.


  • Sergio Cárdenas Pacheco, Director of CANIRAC
  • Kitzia Karen Carrasco, president of the CANIRAC women’s commission
  • Rodrigo Armando Terán Cárdenas, President of the youth commission


  • DOC. Monica Carrillo (teacher)
  • LG. Vicente Román García (teacher)

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