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Dr. Gustavo Gaspar Blanco, The Reconstructive Doctor

“Success does not consist in having a lot of money or a big house, there are many other things beyond it. It is not wealthier that who has more but that who needs less, and that who needs very little. The only thing I need is in my family, in my friends, in my colleagues, so what else would I want? “


Dr. Gustavo Gaspar Blanco is always news, but not because a patient complaint about his work, but due to the fact that, in addition to being a great plastic surgeon, he is also an altruistic doctor who has focused much of his work to the altruistic help he provides to a large number of patients with congenital deformities or women who are victims of cancer, offering free reconstruction services.

His story is known by some who have had the opportunity to come across him through his profession or through some of his hobbies, such as his great taste for craft beer culture, for which he founded “El Sume” bar, in Mexicali, where you can taste more than 120 different beer styles from around the world, or for his great passion for aviation.
Dr. Gaspar was born accidentally in San Luis Rio Colorado, since his family was from Cuervos, Baja California and before a C-section delivery, his mother was driven to the nearest hospital, which was located at a short distance in the state of Sonora. He grew up and studied in Mexicali. During his youth he had decided to embark on a path to conquer medicine, he studied medicine at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara, he studied general and plastic surgery at the National Medical Center “La Raza” in Mexico City.

There were many challenges he had to overcome, particularly in medicine, but those challenges made him a stronger person, “a very important virtue,” he says, “especially when it comes to encouraging patients.”

What is success for Dr. Gaspar?

“Success for me is freedom. Success is freedom to do what I want to do when you are successful you will be able to have that freedom to really do what you like, and when you really do what you like, you do much better. ”

What role does the family play?

“Family is very important. I believe that without their support, my wife’s support, this probably could not be possible because, in order to be successful in your work or in your career you have to have support, you can’t do it by yourself”.

What do you still have to do?

“Operate many patients. I still need to operate many children and many women with post-breast cancer. I still need to get my pilot’s license, I still have a lot of work to do and I honestly don’t think I can reach them all, but at least I’m doing what I can, and above all, I’m doing many more surgeries in patients that require it, as I do it through the permanent program that I have for breast reconstruction in post-cancer patients, these patients can be operated just by coming to my office, by setting up an appointment and that is going to add them to the list of patients I am operating, who are not charged at all and who are helped this way, very important especially after having practically faced death, these patients always think about their children first.

Why do I help them? I do it because I have seen how these patients have to wait in line to be treated in government hospitals, as they don’t treat them in a special way as they should be treated, since they bring a very strong emotional crisis, in addition to being abandoned by their partners after having cancer, because in many cases, they amputate the breast and for many men that is a loss of feminity, but those who do that are incomplete men.

This time my call is for all those women who have been victims of breast cancer. Here, we can help you. My office is easy to find, I’m on social media, I’m in Mexicali between Madero and Calle E, Plaza España. Nothing more is required than calling at 686 552-9266, either for cancer patients or children with congenital malformations, I see them with great pleasure and at no cost, even for surgery, the association “Mujeres que Viven” helps them with prosthesis, so it almost comes out at no cost, since they only pay for hospitalization but Hospital de la Familia also offers special rates to these patients and they get a very affordable surgery that usually costs a lot of money “.

What is your final message?

“Success does not consist in having a lot of money or a big house, which is good, I don’t say it’s bad and anyone would like it, even I would like it, but there are many other things beyond it and it’s not richer than who has more but that who needs less, that is something very important to remember and I need very little. That’s what makes me have wealth: needing nothing and the only thing I need I have and it is in my family, in my friends, in my colleagues, then what else do I want? ”

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