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Discover why Yuma County Arizona has become the preferred location for expanding operations between Mexico and the United States

Statistics prove this is the safest border in the Southwest and due to this positive environment we have grown our population an impressive 27% since the year 2000. Within a sixty minute radius you have 1,544,454 people living and working within the boundaries of four states and two countries.  Being a very young, bi-lingual population with a median age of 31.3 years, we have attracted numerous companies to this region who have experienced profound success with their investment in Yuma County.  Maquiladora operations that enjoy our workforce and location continue to add product lines and new clientele.

The San Luis Commercial Port of Entry offers 8 commercial lanes with state of the art technology and expedited processing with dual customs inspections conducted on the US side.  The movement of goods between the US and Mexico is why well-known companies such as Bose, Martech Medical, Johnson Controls, Centurion, Jordan Manufacturing and S & A Industries have chosen to grow their US presence in Yuma County Arizona.  With more than 50% of the population speaking both English and Spanish, savings are realized in health care benefits offered for Mexico coverage.  Most companies spend 1/3 of the cost for health coverage compared to sister plants in their corporate family located away from the border.  Manufacturers and Food Production companies in Yuma County have a less than 1% unionization rate and less than 3% turnover rate.

Yuma County is strategically located within a one day truck haul to over 50 million consumers.  We are known for our agriculture production, growing 90% of the nations leafy greens during the winter months however we are quickly becoming a known commodity in Food Production, Manufacturing and Aerospace and Defense.  Recognized worldwide for our testing capabilities, Yuma Proving Ground and Marine Corps Air Station Yuma are reputed installations in the aerospace/defense and automobile industry sectors.

Consider all of us at Greater Yuma EDC an extension of your team.  We are your arbitrator with all local and state public agencies.  We are the Grantee of Foreign Trade (FTZ) 219 and will partner with you to obtain FTZ status if applicable.  Greater Yuma EDC offers you a one stop shop for corporate site selection data, economic/demographic research trends and quality of life information along with a fully interactive GIS Site Locator tool that will help guide you in locating the ideal real estate option.

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