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Digital Marketing: The Bet of Many Companies in Times of Pandemic


In times of uncertainty, challenges, and constant changes in business schemes, caused largely by the COVID-19 pandemic, digital marketing is experiencing a boom, mainly in the areas of positioning strategies web and increase of clients, in companies, which are a determining factor for their survival. 

There is a clear increase in interest in the online world after the pandemic, derived from the safety recommendations and health restrictions issued by the authorities, because, in front of them, the business sector had to adapt and reinvent itself quickly to enter this field, explained Dr. Faviola Villegas, a research professor at the School of Business and Administration of CETYS University Campus Mexicali.

Digital marketing is an effective option for entrepreneurs and SMEs to develop strategies to reach their customers, the expert explained. “The confinement made it easier for social networks and digital media to be communication channels that lead to action and sales of products and services are made through online platforms.”

He explained that it is not enough to have a web page for the business to start generating income automatically or impact the digital world, but that these actions must be accompanied by facts that give a human value to the brand, following its goals and target audience.

For some years now, digital marketing and social networks have been the means to generate business opportunities; however, until very recently in some markets and brands offline marketing remained a mainstay in terms of promotion and advertising.

“With the pandemic, companies had no choice and had to join the digital area, those who could and those who could not, died or are surviving.”

Despite having diverse opportunities and digital tools, not everything is perfect. 

“Many companies, due to the urgency of the pandemic and given the few resources, have executed desperate tactics that are lost in the sea of ​​information or that are even in bad taste; some companies compete with each other and copy content between them, leaving a bad taste in the mouth of consumers who, faced with confinement, are very attentive to these failures.”

Digital marketing came as an incentive due to the lack of contact and physical interaction. Although the pandemic ends, consumer habits will be more in line with the new digital system.

In that sense, the expert recalled that nothing is forever and the pandemic will end in a few months, so offline marketing strategies will continue to exist especially in industrial markets where face-to-face is a determining factor for sales.

However, a future full of opportunities are envisioned for businesses that decide to start and stay in the digital market, there will be an increase in quality, with loyal customers who want to be for the brands that were with them during this storm.  

“There is room for everyone, not because the pandemic passes, we must put aside continuing to feed our digital communities.  Nothing better than putting yourself in the hands of professionals who provide the advice and tools necessary to meet the expected objectives.”

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