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Demand for Effective Strategies to Restore Peace and Security in Baja California, Says Coparmex


Amid concerns over recent violent events that have rocked Baja California, Coparmex in Tijuana is demanding the implementation of improved strategies to restore peace and security in the region.

Gustavo Fernández de León, President of the Baja California Federation of Coparmex, representing the business centers of Tijuana, Ensenada, and Mexicali, stressed that each criminal act hinders the growth and well-being of the business community.

Representing the presidents of Coparmex business centers in Baja California, Fernández de León called upon government authorities to establish robust and effective strategies to address the pressing issue of insecurity. He underscored the importance of focusing on both crime prevention and strengthening the justice system.

“The authorities must act without delay. The response must be immediate. Society cannot bear any further resemblance to the dark times of 2008 and 2009. The entire society is vulnerable to the current situation, and government institutions must commit to ensuring the safety of all citizens,” he declared.

Turning to the realm of education, Fernández de León expressed concern about the federal government’s intentions, particularly through the Ministry of Public Education, to introduce changes that display significant ideological bias in textbooks.

“As business leaders and concerned citizens, we oppose this approach that appears to neglect objectivity and scientific rigor. Education should provide a neutral and objective space where young people acquire knowledge based on evidence,” he remarked.

Investment in New Roads: A Priority for Coparmex Tijuana

Roberto Vega Solís, President of Coparmex Tijuana, emphasized that urban mobility remains one of the city’s most pressing challenges.

To address this, he highlighted the need for investment in new roads, maintenance of existing infrastructure, and even intelligent borrowing dedicated to enhancing the city’s urban capacity.

Vega Solís pointed out the deficiencies in the current public transport service and proposed the development of a functional and affordable system.

It is important to note that the statements made by Gustavo Fernández de León and Roberto Vega Solís received support from Cecilia Rivera, representing the President of Coparmex Ensenada, Joel Velasco, and Jaleyna de la Peña, CEO of Coparmex Nacional, in front of Unicef.

During her address, Cecilia Rivera highlighted various challenges faced by the municipality of Ensenada, including inadequate and expensive public transportation as well as poorly maintained roads.

Jaleyna de la Peña emphasized that promoting an economic model that leaves no one behind is a top priority for Coparmex. She announced an upcoming virtual forum on inclusive migration scheduled for June 13 and 14, featuring insights from experts across various sectors.

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