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Cross Border Health Plans for Your Employees

By: Octavio Cortez, MBA

If you are an employer located in Imperial County, San Diego County or Coachella Valley, and wish to offer health insurance as a benefit to your employees, consider offering a quality and affordable health plan across the border. Such plans offer excellent benefits to your employees, and at the same time, meet the criteria set by the Affordable Care Act. So, you would not only be offering your employees an excellent plan, but you will also be offering a fully compliant one.

Some of the benefits of offering a cross border plan to your employees are: Quality, Accessibility and Affordability. Regarding Quality, cross border health plans have a strict process of evaluating and selecting physicians that have a solid experience and carry important certifications. Clinics and Hospitals also undergo a strict process of accreditation. Mexico has been a leader in Medical Tourism due to their increasing quality care and advanced technology. So, you and your employees can certainly have peace of mind that their care will be of quality.

When it can take several weeks if not months to see a specialist in the US, Access to care in Mexico can be as fast as getting an appointment and be seen the same day. Getting lab work done and obtaining your results can also be a matter of a few days. Services such as endoscopies, colonoscopies, MRI’s, and other major services are usually performed within days and medicine can usually be obtained on the spot without having to wait for hours.

Affordability is also found on Cross Border Health Plans. The low cost of care in Mexico allows for low co-pays and co-insurance, as well as access to affordable prescription drugs. Employers also experience significant savings due to the affordability on monthly premiums compared to those plans in the US. It’s actually a win-win situation, as both the employer and the employee experience low monthly premiums.

As you can see, there are many benefits of offering a cross border health plan to your employees. You will realize the ease and the savings for both you and your employees. Giving your employees an option to enroll in a quality and affordable cross border health plan will certainly make them feel appreciated. Don’t forget that choosing a cross border health plan will offer your employees the quality, the accessibility and the affordability they deserve. Do your research and compare different cross border health plans to see which one best fits your needs and those of your employees.


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