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County Supervisors Approve Extra Help for The County Executive Office

By: Mario Conde, Reporter

The Imperial County Board of Supervisors approved a series of additions to the County Executive Office that will bring them extra help.

The Imperial County Executive Office will be getting two new staff members to help them with health services and the upcoming budget process. The two new staff members are no strangers to them since both of them have plenty of experience working for the county.

Imperial County CEO Tony Rouhotas made two recommendations that were unanimously approved at the March 24 meeting. Rouhotas requested authorization to hire Andrea Kuhlen as extra-help for the executive office.

Khulen will be retiring as Director of Behavioral Health Services as of this week. She was appointed to the position on October 2011.

“Her knowledge and experience is critical to our office during the current COVID-19 emergency,” Rouhotas said.

Her employment will be limited to 960 hours and will be given mileage reimbursement. Kuhlen will not be entitled to receive any additional compensation or fringe benefits in accordance to county government code.

Rouhotas said that they are working on the process to find her replacement as director of Behavioral Health but he asked her to stay for a while since her experience in public health is very important during this contingency.

In another action, the board authorized the County Executive Officer to hire Margaret Ann McDonald as extra-help.

McDonald retired this month with over 30 years of experience as an Assistant Auditor/Controller. Rouhotas said that her help will be needed during the upcoming budget process.

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