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County Board Will Send a Letter to Governor Asking for Special Consideration to Open the Economy

By: Mario Conde, Reporter

The Imperial County Board of Supervisors will ask California Governor Gavin Newsom for special consideration to open the economy back again.

At the June 2nd County Board meeting, Supervisor District 4 Ryan Kelley requested sending a letter to the Governor so he can consider allowing the county to move up in the roadmap to recovery since the county has unique challenges they don’t have control of. Kelley said that the county borders with Mexico and Arizona who have different standards.

The State has released guidelines for businesses to open with certain conditions but Imperial Valley has not been able to move away from Stage 2 low-risk as of yet. San Diego, Riverside, and Arizona have accelerated their business re-opening allowing stores, barbershops, and dine-in places to operate. Kelley said it is time to open up more and adjust to life with COVID-19 moving forward.

“It all comes to personal responsibility. You make that choice if you go to a pool party, an assembly, not wear a mask, or be in a situation that will raise the possibility of contracting COVID-19,” Kelley said, “We need to open up our county and we need to have the governor consider the circumstances surrounding the Imperial County and I request this board to send a letter to the Governor for consideration of the county’s social impacts that are going to be long term,”

Kelley added that the Imperial County is different and the state should consider the unique situation they are in.

“Our community has been following the recommendations for nine weeks and I feel we are doing the best possible for our citizens. This is going to be with us for quite a while and we need to learn how to live with this,” Kelley said.

Kelley asked Chairman Luis Plancarte to send a letter to the Governor outlining special considerations of where they are in the State.

“We already have plans to help the businesses open and control measures. We are surrounded by different levels of control and we have guidelines but we this is not going away.”

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