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Coparmex Mexicali presents Foro Eleva Mexicali 2019 Speakers

By: Fidel Gastelum, Reporter

The Employer Confederation of the Mexican Republic, COPARMEX Mexicali, presented on Tuesday the roster of panelists who will present different topics, experts in their field, who have national and international recognition. This was announced by the president of the organization Ernesto Elorduy, in the company of Andrés Gómez Ruelas, the event’s leading organizer.

Prominent personalities will participate in this edition of the forum, José Antonio Meade, former candidate for the presidency of Mexico in 2018, will be offering the conference “The Challenges and opportunities of the Mexican economy”, focusing on the current situation Mexico is facing.

The forum will also present analysts on the political situation of the country, such as Denisse Dresser talking about “Our broken Mexico and how to repair it.” In addition to the renowned journalist Carmen Aristegui, about “Challenges against Mexico today”.

Moreover, people like Eduardo Guizar, a collaborator at NASA, the outstanding Chef Antonio De Livier, the boxer Jorge “Travieso” Arce, as well as Mr. Ramón muñoz will be giving talks about their experiences in their professional field and their respective areas of work, talking about the development of new projects, and social leaders in Mexico.

The Vice President of Young entrepreneurs Coparmex, Vianey Martínez said they will be conducting various workshops focused on local entrepreneurs, with the goal of strengthening their business projects, highlighting the collaboration of Marcus Dantus, a panelist at Shark Tank Mexico.

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