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COPARMEX Announces Foro Eleva Mexicali 2020


Mexicali, B.C.- At a virtual press conference organized by COPARMEX Mexicali, the details of the annual event Foro Eleva Mexicali 2020 in its tenth edition were announced, which will be held for the first time virtually. The director of COPARMEX Mexicali, Ernesto Elorduy, as well as Efrén Cadena, leader of Eleva Mexicali 2020, were present.

This forum will be held in an unprecedented way, free of charge from October 26 to 30, in which 15 renowned and prominent speakers in their areas will be offering talks for all those interested in listening and learning from the experiences around their training labor.

The confirmed speakers are as follows: On October 26, Max Kaiser will talk about fighting corruption, on October 27th, David Páramo, a specialist in finance, denominated economy day, Valeria Moy director of the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO), Ana María Salazar, an expert on security issues and relations with the United States, as well as Jorge Suárez, a columnist for the newspaper Reforma and an expert in economics; the 28th was denominated  “Business Day” and focused on young students, Fric Martínez, artist and businessman, Juan Lumbada, digital marketing expert, former Google employee, and Andrea de Anda, digital strategist and expert in political campaign marketing, will be also part of the speakers.

Thursday 28th will be titled “Citizenship Day”, that will have a forum with success stories around the pandemic of the “Apoyemos a Mexicali non-profit organization, as well as a talk by Adrián Coppel, president of the Health Commission, and the conference from Spain by Pablo Álamo, an expert in family businesses, Benjamin Gibson with the environment, Lázaro Ríos, former editorial director of Grupo Reforma and director of Institutional Communication at Coparmex; Finally, to wrap it up on October 30, the speakers will be Adela Navarro, CEO of the weekly Zeta, as well as Roy Campos president of Consulta Mitofsky, Jesús Silva Herzon economist, journalist, and writer.

Consequently, these free talks and conferences will be available to everyone, and they intend to benefit the Mexicali community from companies to citizens, with no other intention than to provide valuable testimonies in these difficult times that we are all going through during this pandemic and current health and economic crisis.

Thus, the work of companies and sponsors was recognized, highlighting that it is very important to continue to celebrate this type of event for the benefit of society and especially in which students and young people are supported.

The registration form is through a QR code that can be found on the Foro Eleva Facebook page, as well as on the Coparmex Mexicali Facebook page.

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