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Consular Program Works to Protect Assets

Faced with the challenges arising from the change of government in the United States, which increased the vulnerability of Mexicans in this country as well as their heritage, the Institute of Mexicans Abroad defined as a strategy integral to the protection of Mexicans heritage abroad, they have implemented a program targeted for migrant care.

Part of this initiative was the opening of a space within all consulates of Mexico in the United States, the Financial Advisory Windows will offer the Mexican community access to personalized advice, information materials and group workshops on topics related to banking services in the United States that includes budgeting, savings, credit, debt management, tax declaration, protection and care of the patrimony, among others.

There are forty Financial Advisory Windows that operate in consular facilities.

In Imperial Valley, the Consulate of Mexico in Calexico is promoting this window through groups with whom the consulate has memoranda of understanding. Among the organizations that collaborate with the consulate are the Unified District of Calexico, Neighborhood House of Calexico, and United Peasants.

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