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Conference: “Footwear Mythology” by photographer Lourdes Almeida


By: Claudette Sánchez.

Mexicali, Baja California. Tuesday, September 13th, 2016.- Within the framework of celebrations for the centenary of the Cuauhtémoc School, the conference “Footwear Mythology” by photographer Lourdes Almeida was presented on Tuesday in the Rufino Tamayo Gallery inside the Casa de la Cultura facilities (House of Culture) of Mexicali.

Within the conference, the photographer shared part of her work over a period of 15 years, dividing her works into themes, such as: Family Documentary Photography, Social Documentary Photography, Migrants Documentary Photography and a series of photographs and illustrations called Documentary Fetishes Photography.

Using as a guiding line the shoes, the author said her work was based on following the footsteps of her granddaughters, by collecting and portraying their shoes as they were growing over the years, showing a collection video of different photographs and a wide variety of models.

With regard to social issues, Lourdes was devoted to take pictures of different people on the street, focusing on shoes to publicize the different forms of life that people lead in different countries and times. On the issue of migrants, the central idea of the exhibition was to tell stories based on photographs, which were exposed by the different shoes experiences lived at border, so telling the reality migrants live in the desert when they want to cross into the U.S.

Finally, the fetishistic exhibition showed illustrations where different satirized artworks and photographs of men, women, and insects, trying to emphasize the use of high heels and shoes as contrast in reflecting themes in the works, artwork called by the author: “Labyrinth of chimeras” .

Finally, photographer Lourdes gave out some postcards of her works and signed them to attendees of the event, inviting people to stay after the conference for some refreshments and drinks.

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