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Community Gathers to Support Rescue of Historic Brawley Theater


The Brawley community is coming together to restore the historic Brawley Playhouse Theater in downtown, a symbol of the city’s rich history and culture. The old building holds a special place in the hearts of longtime residents who remember the days of Friday night movie screenings and live performances. The Brawley Community Foundation has taken on the mission to restore the theater so that the new generation can create new memories and enjoy the entertainment it will bring to the city.

Timothy E. Kelley, board-member of the Brawley Community Foundation said that since securing the building they have the foundation all set and redone all the electrical, redone the sewer, and remodeled all the interior. 

“There was a lot of work that needed to be done but we are now moving but we are moving along in a good pace now,” Kelley said. “We want to live in a community that we can be proud of and bring amenities not only for us but to others.” 

Ryan Brandt, executive producer of the series, “The Man from Jalisco,” said that this venue can support the local talent of Brawley and Imperial County. 

“Its a huge project and I help where ever I can and I believe it can be good for Brawley and Downtown,” Brant said.

Brant’s “The Man From Jalisco Series unfolds as a gripping crime drama, centering around a newspaper ghostwriter unraveling the dark secrets of a formidable drug cartel and corrupt landowners. His investigation unveils a sinister plot involving the theft of water rights, orchestrated by the unscrupulous individuals who sell them to coastal cities, threatening to transform the valley into a desolate desert. This captivating narrative not only delves into the intricate web of criminal enterprises but also explores pressing border issues. Available on the RJLB Pictures YouTube Channel, the series immerses viewers in a suspenseful tale of intrigue, crime, and the battle for justice. Local projects like this one can be shown at the theater. 

Originally built in 1922 as the Belvedare Theater, the Brawley Theater has been a cornerstone of the community for nearly a century. With its 560 orchestra seats, 40 loge seats, and 215 balcony seats, the theater has the capacity to host a variety of events and performances. The restoration project, which began in 2018, aims to revitalize the building and bring it back to its former glory.

Local businesses have shown their support for the project, recognizing the potential benefits it will bring to the downtown area and overall commerce. By restoring the Brawley Playhouse Theater, the community hopes to attract more visitors and residents to the area, boosting economic growth and revitalizing the city center.

The Brawley Rotary Club held a meeting on March 6 inside the theater to update the community on the progress of the restoration project. Members shared their excitement about the future of the theater and the positive impact it will have on the community as a whole.

Brawley is just one of many cities across the country that are working to restore their downtown areas and historic landmarks. By preserving these important cultural sites, communities are able to connect the past with the present, ensuring that future generations can appreciate and enjoy the history that has shaped their city.

As the Brawley Playhouse Theater restoration project continues to move forward, the community looks forward to the day when the theater will once again be a hub of entertainment and culture in downtown Brawley. With the support of local businesses and residents, the future of the theater looks bright, promising a new chapter in its storied history.

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