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Community Gathers to Plant More Trees in Mexicali


It was a perfect morning as residents got up very early and drive to the office of Davila y Asociados and their trees and make their contribution to help improve the environment. 

Jaime Davila Galvan has been nicknamed “El Señor De Los Arbolitos” (The Gentleman of the Trees) because of his dedication and passion for improving the quality of life in Mexicali since, as he says, many things can be achieved when society and government join forces. The goal for this year was to give away 60 thousand trees and they are close to achieving that goal. 

“Today we have 2,000 trees to distribute to the general public.  We have groups coming from churches, neighborhoods, and the Mexicali Valley. The idea is to afforest the city to improve the environmental conditions in an effort in which the government and citizens have come together for this great cause”, he explained.

Dávila added that Mexicali is the most polluted city in Mexico and as a resident and native of the city they cannot allow the city to be so polluted.

“And if we as citizens don’t get our act together, we’re going to continue in the same situation.  Pollution affects our families, our children, and our grandchildren.  I invite citizens to join this effort that we are going to continue,” he said. 

Gabriela Valdez Flores, a kindergarten teacher, came for the trees since they are going to do a tree-planting activity at her school this month.

“We are going to plant trees with the students and each group is going to have a different activity. Regarding the environment, each student is going to take care of a tree and they are going to maintain it,” she said.

Residents like Maria Alejandrina came for the trees so she will give them away to the people that attended her Christian community.

“I am part of a Christian community here in Mexicali and I will give trees to the people who attend,” she shared. “It’s good that we have these events since it helps us as people and oxygen of our planet.”

In a few weeks, tree number 60 thousand will be planted and those who have supported this effort during the year are invited to attend. 

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