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Choco Garduño Wants to Inspire People Through Music

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If anyone defines what “Believe in your Dreams” is all about, that would be Yahir “Choco” Garduño from Calexico, California. His energy and hard work are what drive him to be successful in the music industry. It’s no surprise that Choco decided to try his shot in the music industry as he has always loved the spotlight and been a leader among his peers. 

At twenty years old, Choco’s energy and determination have helped him navigate through many obstacles in life. 

From Calexico to the world, Choco Garduño is here to make his mark in the music world and do his best to serve his community.

Inspired by his classmates that played musical instruments and a family who loves to sing karaoke, Choco caught the singing bug and began to participate in local events to make a name for himself.

“I started at school talent shows and then I was invited to participate in the Mariachi Idol competition with the city. Participating in that event allowed me to meet people who helped me put myself on the map,” he said.

Born in Mexicali, Baja California, Choco immigrated to Calexico and attended local schools. He graduated from Calexico High School in 2021 and is currently a student at Imperial Valley College. 

During his time in high school, Choco participated in “Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento” on Estrella TV.

“My story was always “Believe In Your Dreams” because I had many dreams, with a lot of work, with all the desire, with everything I could, I fulfilled them. I traveled with my parents in our car to Los Angeles knowing that it was not in good condition. My family believed in my dream and we took risks.” 

“Being part of the show was a very nice experience. You learn many things in a very short time like how to be disciplined and responsible. If I had the opportunity to live the experience again, I’ll definitely do it,” he said.

Choco had to go the extra mile during the show since there was no audience due to the pandemic. 

“The artist thrives on the applause of the public and not having an audience was difficult.  So you must look deep inside yourself and motivate yourself to perform as if the audience were there. You need to project the light inside you and do more with less.” 

Ultimately, Choco won one of the first five places and the opportunity to be part of a musical project.

Nuevo Elemento, the first regional Mexican boy band, was born from a partnership between Sony Music Latin and Estrella Media to produce a special edition of the talent search show, Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento.

“When I went to the contest I never lacked the support of the community.  I think knowing that I have the support of my city was a key piece of my growth as an artist,” he commented.

To celebrate their victory, the young boys released their first single “No Andes con Nadie,” an original song written by the acclaimed composer of the Mexican region, Luciano Luna. This debut single, a spectacular norteño / mariachi fusion, was positioned within the Top 35 of Billboard’s Regional Mexican chart in the United States. The song gave the group two nominations for Premios Juventud.

The boys of Nuevo Element, currently made up of Hector Osobampo, Danny Rea, Yahir “Choco” Garduño, and its most recent member Alejandro “Bebo” Garfias, has a unique talent that makes them one of the groups with the most future in the industry and especially in the Regional Mexican genre. Although they come from different places, their passion for music unites them.

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