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Chiugallery: A New Artistic Hub in Playas de Tijuana Captivates the Community with Its Grand Opening!


The inauguration of Chiugallery in Playas de Tijuana was a great success, bringing together more than 78 Mexican and international artists whose works will be on display for the next two months. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was performed by the Secretary of Tourism of Baja California, Miguel Aguiñiga Rguez., Roberto Chaidez, and Enrique Chiu, in the presence of dozens of friends, collectors, and artists who attended the opening.

The event also featured a musical performance by Maestros Ricardo Arredondo and Junior Ardinez, who delighted attendees with their talent. For Enrique Chiu, organizing a successful art exhibition is a somewhat challenging task, but after more than 20 years as a promoter, he remains committed to sharing artistic projects with communities. “I want to continue taking art to different places and bringing it closer to people,” Chiu commented during the event.

Chiugallery not only provides a much-needed exhibition space for the area but also enhances the public use of the surrounding landscape. Located within a gas station, access to this cultural venue is convenient and promises a unique experience for visitors. In addition to exhibition areas, the new building features interactive and educational art spaces, a multipurpose area, and a gallery store. Soon, beverages and services will also be available to visitors, providing a complete experience.

The gallery is located at Paseo Playas de Tijuana 378, Fracc. Playas, within the gas station. For more information about the artists and upcoming events, you can visit Enrique Chiu’s social media profile, where details and updates are shared. Chiu’s commitment to art and his desire to bring it closer to communities is reflected in the success of Chiugallery’s inauguration, a new cultural space that promises to become a reference point in the local and national art scene.

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