In search of supporting the talent of the region and ensuring that young people who will start their High School and professional studies, as well as people who wish to start a Postgraduate or a degree in Executive Bachelor’s degrees continue with their dreams, CETYS University announces its Scholarship Plan, as well as financial support for the year 2022, a plan with unprecedented opportunities for the community.

Since last year, CETYS University increased its support in scholarships and financial support so that students affected by the pandemic will continue with their academic preparation, an investment of more than 430 million pesos that is expected to be increased, with the support of the community, this year.

The call for the High School, Professional, Postgraduate, and Executive Degree levels was announced in a special event today at a press conference and all the required information will be available on the website: www.cetys.mx/becas.

The promotion of financial support is part of the philanthropic vocation of CETYS, since behind each scholarship there is someone who believes in the talent of young people, demonstrating that applicants have the motivation and for 60 years at CETYS has given the push to make your high-quality educational dreams come true. 

To reach outstanding public school students, the “Community Excellence Scholarship” will be given for both High School and Professional, this could cover from 50 to 90% of tuition; and the United 2022 Scholarship, with attractive supports that will correspond to their socioeconomic level, average and admission exam score, which would reach from 25% to 50% support, as well as support scholarships for foreign students in professional areas, up to 65%.

For prospects in Executive Bachelor’s degrees, ideal programs for workers who could not complete their professional preparation, the United Scholarship will be provided with support at 25%, considering a minimum academic average for the application.

Those interested in studying for a Postgraduate degree will be able to access scholarships with 15% support, as well as 25% focused on Social Sciences in the Gerontology, Neuropsychology, Law and Psychology programs, and up to 50% for Education, considering in all minimum average cases.

Dr. Mario Dipp Núñez, Director of CETYS University Campus Mexicali, highlighted that it is an unprecedented program, which will ensure that 8 out of 10 students at the Institution continue to access some type of scholarship and financial support, giving confidence to the community for high-quality educational development.

“We are always looking for alternatives for our students, to help them transform and have a successful future in all that that implies, the same for those who are not yet our students but one of their goals is to be a CETYS Zorros, we are allocating more resources to these supports”.

For her part, Professor Mercedes Soo, Director of Student Finance of the CETYS System, and Lic. Miguel Urriza Montaño, Director of Development and Promotion at the Mexicali Campus, thanked the trust placed in this institution, since despite the pandemic and its effects, in 2020, 98% prospecting was achieved for the students expected for that year.

They also highlighted that that same year the CETYS Solidario and Beca Unidos campaigns were created, where the former has raised more than 2 million pesos, in support of 208 families. For its part, the United Scholarship allowed new students to High School and Professional support to start their educational dream, a scholarship that in 2022 extends its support to Executive and Postgraduate Degrees.

In Mexico, it is estimated that about 600 thousand higher education students suspended their studies or could not continue them due to the pandemic, that’s is why CETYS University works daily to promote the dreams of young people through acts of solidarity and allow keep developing their talent.

To train a student is to transform the future and to support his dream is to participate in its realization. It is through the generosity of the community that new scholarship opportunities can be offered to the student body.

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