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CETYS is looking for Engineers who will cause an impact among Industries in the region

With the recent update to the Master’s Degree in Engineering and Innovation (MII), CETYS University is looking to provide highly qualified people in the development of engineering projects and cause a positive impact in the growth of the principal industrial sectors and strategic services in the country.

The new scheme of the MII is an excellent option for engineering professionals who are currently working in different industries in the state. This is also an opportunity for recent graduates who wish to continue their studies and with the intention of being part of the different and more competitive productive sectors.

What are the benefits of being a CETYS graduate of MII?

At the end of the program, MII students will be capable of finding solutions to problems and focus on continuous improvement of processes and products, as well as applying innovation techniques and design.

In addition, students studying at CETYS will count on having a global training that will allow them to study abroad or take lectures from distinguished experts from the United States, Finland, India and China, among others.

What will I learn in MII?

With the new study program, which consists of 4 different emphasis areas: Design and Manufacturing Systems; Systems and Information Technology; Sustainability and Renewable Energies; as well as System and Industrial Processes.

This program is designed so that every student is able to configure it based on their needs and expertise.  In fact, CETYS grants a diploma which gives credit to their field of knowledge and emphasis area chosen by each student.

How is MII organized and how can I learn more about it?

The structure of this new Master’s Degree in Engineering and Innovation program consists of 15 elective courses, 4 emphasis areas and 3 blocks (basic, expertise, application) in order to develop abilities, knowledge and tools so that every student can have an immediate impact in their organization.

For further information on MII and other postgraduate programs in CETYS, feel free to contact us (686)563700 Ext.1026 or send us an email to arturo.quevedo@cetys.mx, or visit our website www.posgrado.cetys.mx

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