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CETis No. 75 “Leona Vicario” Celebrates 41 Years of Quality Education


Celebrating more than four decades as one of the most important educational institutions in Mexicali and its history, CETis 75 is a source of pride since people have graduated that are making a difference in the city.

Last Tuesday, November 8 of this year, the XLI Anniversary Ceremony of the CETis Campus No. 75 ¨Leona Vicario¨, where the value of that institution was remembered and looked towards a better future.

The students were the ones who enlivened the event with the war band, rondalla, and northern dances. On the other hand, awards and medals were given to the teaching and administrative staff of the campus for years of service.

CETis No. 75 aims to train citizens with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes required to foster and participate in a knowledge society, both in the labor and social spheres. The foregoing is in a context of equity, flexibility, comprehensiveness, and openness, which helps to meet the social and economic needs of the country.

The ceremony had great personalities from the Educational and Public sector, Pedro Ariel Mendivil García, Director of Public Security, Dr. Juan Gabriel Haro Beltrán, Director of Social Welfare of the Municipality of Mexicali, and Guadalupe Acuña Alvarez, Head of the Educational Liaison Office in Baja California; from the Industrial and Business Sector, we are accompanied by Eduardo Martínez Palomera, a renowned businessman in Baja California and Humberto Luna Rodríguez, President of the city’s Liaison Committee; the Director of the school Teresa Banda Bañuelos, the host of this great event, visualize the importance of the Industrial Sector in our Municipality; of the Communication Sector with the presence of Ellie Burgueño, Director of the Beyond Borders Gazzette Magazine and Francisco Javier Villanueva, News Director of Channel 66.

Within the anniversary week from November 7 to 10, conferences were held with distinguished businessmen, where Gustavo de Hoyos Walther, Eduardo Martínez Palomera, Víctor Hermosillo Celada, Elisa María Cañez Cañez, Manuel Humberto Luna Rodríguez, Manu Ramos Gaona, Nuria García Negrete, Eduardo Enríquez de Rivera Campero and Dr. Jorge Mario Soto Romero.  While at the same time, three agreements were signed with companies in the industrial sector such as Precision Sheet Metal of Mexico, Maintenance, Construction, and Industrial Services Baja California and Empresas MATCO, with the purpose that the students of the campus can carry out their professional practices, through, in turn, have a better job market and can graduate better prepared for the productive and labor sector.

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