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Central Union High School to Take a Big Leap in Math and Science


A new beginning for valley students was welcomed with joy and excitement as a new modern facility will make their education interesting and will make them proud to be Spartans. 

The Central Union High School District celebrated the grand opening of the Central Union High School STEM building. The official ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on March 1 in the CUHS Amphitheater.

Staff will begin to move in and teachers may begin to hold class in their new classrooms beginning March 8. 

To modernize Central High School and provide improved educational programs in science, technology, engineering, and math (“STEM”) facilities for high school students at the District’s existing site, the District removed seventeen general-purpose portable classrooms on the site and constructed a new STEM building consisting of 15 general purpose classrooms and the balance of the remainder of the building consisting of specialized STEM lab facilities for physics, robotics, and computer labs.  

The STEM building will also house administrative, restrooms, and office space. The footprint of the building was completed within the existing campus boundaries, and the total sq. footage of the new building will not be significantly more than the temporary classrooms being removed and replaced.  

The project is not intended to expand existing student capacity as it results in a net decrease of general-purpose classroom space (two less general-purpose classrooms) but is instead intended to provide specialized learning laboratories and facilities to enhance the STEM educational programs being offered for the benefit of the existing student population.  

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