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Cell Therapy Congress Takes Place in the City of Guadalajara

By: Dr. Elton Gómez, stem cell specialist

In recent days, in the beautiful city of Guadalajara Jalisco as framework, the last conference on cell therapy took place, where topics such as therapeutic approach with stem cells in population of limited resources, therapy with placental implantation were addressed, as well as hyperbaric oxygen therapy and immunological transfer factors.

Dr. Elton Gómez attended representing BIOHIPERCELL, and was present at the event as an attendee, participating during the presentations, sharing his knowledge and results and providing important data on the various topics, it was an enriching event that marked, and set a precedent in the way cell therapy and other therapies are seen, which day after day make their way into modern medical practice.


The low-income population in Mexico is a vulnerable group that requires access to therapies that can contribute to improving their perception of happiness and quality of life, therefore, it is essential to establish policies from private practice, through foundations and philanthropic efforts, the experience with stem cell therapy indicates that this is one of the therapies that can be useful because of the ease of application and the results that can be experienced when using it.


Diabetes mellitus, is the disease currently causing the most suffering in population worldwide, lyophilized placenta implant, is a preparation of proteins derived from placental cells, in the form of powder to be reconstituted, to be applied subcutaneously, proven to be useful as a hormonal stabilizer in both men and women, and has been shown to be effective as an aid in the control of diabetes, in experimental animals with diabetes lyophilized placenta implantation has been shown to reverse diabetes and the main cellular markers of inflammation that are produced by this in the organism.


It is provided in a medical device called hyperbaric chamber, adding high purity oxygen, through a special mask, with effects on improving many organism functions, such as rapid wound closure and anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects.


The transfer factors are molecules of immune information, breast milk for example, contains transfer factors, these serve to educate the immune system, and thus regulate this to recognize the phases of an infection, this shows the immune system how to react adequately before any alien invader to the body, and thus build a healthy defense system.

Applied intravenously, orally or in other ways, the molecules of the transfer factors regulate the immune system of the human being, and are the most natural way to pass on immunity information, helping to counteract or control the effects of autoimmune diseases, such as lupus, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, rheumatism and others.

In addition to strengthening the body’s defense system, it is a very promising therapy with good results so far.

“It is essential to disseminate these therapies, to give people the most appropriate options to maintain an optimal health and an essential quality of life,” said Dr. Elton Gómez, during an informal conversation with the organizers and conference attendees.

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